How to find right keywords that will get you right leads?

Businesses who are dealing in online marketing and looking to grab high position on SERP know how important Keyword is. No SEO strategy is complete without keywords. SEO exerts in seo indore agencies are familiar how daunting task it is to look for appropriate keywords. When formulating SEO strategy, it is the right pick of keyword that determines its success.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that keyword is the foundation upon which the entire SEO strategy is dependent. Any business, whether big or small works towards increasing website traffic and generating new leads, without right set of keywords, it is next to impossible to do so. In SEO, only the right keyword can help you reach to your audience. Given how critical the entire Keyword research process is, businesses by large prefer to hire SEO expert who can perform the task with expertise.

If you too are looking for ways to conduct proper keyword research, here are a few tips that will help you choose the right keywords.

Tip 1:  Think like a customer :
While creating your first draft of keywords list, think of yourself a consumer. To do so, identify your target audience and consider yourself as a consumer. Then, think what you would have typed on Google to find one of your products. Involve others in the activity to gain a wider prospective. Note down the keywords and phrases suggested by them. This is the initial keywords list for your brand.

Tip 2#  Study the competition :
In marketing, research plays a crucial role in the success of any campaign. Competitor research is one of the important elements of marketing research. When preparing the list of keywords, the easiest way to find more keywords is studying the competitors. Figure out some top competitors and review their websites and metatags. Doing so will give you a clear idea on what keywords they are targeting and help you expand your search.

Tip 3# Understand the long tail keyword :
Gone are the days when only one word keywords were used. But given how high the competition for such keywords is, marketers have moved their focus towards long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are search phrases made up of two or more words. Although long tail keywords have lower search volumes, but they are effective in attracting relevant traffic and has lower competition. As compared to shorter keywords, it is much easier to rank for long tail keywords.

Tip 4# Use keyword research tools :
There are nearly endless online tools to search keywords. One such keyword research tool is Google Adwords Keyword Tool. With this tool, you can find out some potential keywords and gather data like search volume, trends, competition and more.

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