How to find right keywords that will get you right leads?

Businesses who are dealing in online marketing and looking to grab high position on SERP know how important Keyword is. No SEO strategy is complete without keywords. SEO exerts in seo indore agencies are familiar how daunting task it is to look for appropriate keywords. When formulating SEO strategy, it is the right pick of keyword that determines its success.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that keyword is the foundation upon which the entire SEO strategy is dependent. Any business, whether big or small works towards increasing website traffic and generating new leads, without right set of keywords, it is next to impossible to do so. In SEO, only the right keyword can help you reach to your audience. Given how critical the entire Keyword research process is, businesses by large prefer to hire SEO expert who can perform the task with expertise.

If you too are looking for ways to conduct proper keyword research, here are a few tips that will help you choose the right keywords.

Tip 1:  Think like a customer :
While creating your first draft of keywords list, think of yourself a consumer. To do so, identify your target audience and consider yourself as a consumer. Then, think what you would have typed on Google to find one of your products. Involve others in the activity to gain a wider prospective. Note down the keywords and phrases suggested by them. This is the initial keywords list for your brand.

Tip 2#  Study the competition :
In marketing, research plays a crucial role in the success of any campaign. Competitor research is one of the important elements of marketing research. When preparing the list of keywords, the easiest way to find more keywords is studying the competitors. Figure out some top competitors and review their websites and metatags. Doing so will give you a clear idea on what keywords they are targeting and help you expand your search.

Tip 3# Understand the long tail keyword :
Gone are the days when only one word keywords were used. But given how high the competition for such keywords is, marketers have moved their focus towards long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are search phrases made up of two or more words. Although long tail keywords have lower search volumes, but they are effective in attracting relevant traffic and has lower competition. As compared to shorter keywords, it is much easier to rank for long tail keywords.

Tip 4# Use keyword research tools :
There are nearly endless online tools to search keywords. One such keyword research tool is Google Adwords Keyword Tool. With this tool, you can find out some potential keywords and gather data like search volume, trends, competition and more.

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Uncovering the Hidden Costs of IT Downtime for a Business

Most business owners if not all think that IT downtime means system outage that is caused by a power cut or server breakdown. However, the internet can cut down on your business’s performance even without your knowledge. Even a minor issue like slow web pages or unresponsive website tab can significantly drop down the performance of your business. IT consulting companies in VA say that a business can lose its business or workforce productivity due to a slow server or poor website upload time.

What causes IT downtime?
There are various causes of an IT downtime.  Out if it, overloading is the most common reason. This usually happens if so many users try to operate a service at once. Besides this, system downtime can occur due to various physical events like the power outage or server damage. Severe server problems can also arise due to accidental damages or vandalism in most cases.

When counting server downtime causes, IT consulting companies suggest, it is essential to consider malicious attacks as well. Since cases of cyber crimes and data breaches are in rising, hacker and cybercriminals can cause collateral damages to any business.

Having set so, let’s understand how profound the effect of an IT downtime is for a business?

When talking about a server downtime, it is inevitable to talk about the financial implication it brings to the business as a huge amount is required to identify and resolve the IT downtime. The IT downtimes are often very complicated to determine. It involves testing before it can be fixed and repaired. An experienced IT team can only conduct all of this. In many cases, the IT testing and repairing cost is exceptionally high and time-consuming.

Productivity – the most significant cost when IT downtime strikes
Direct costs like IT repair and maintenance is only a minor part in server downtime. When a business starts to add up the productivity cost a downtime incurs, they understand the gravity of the issue. With the popularity of internet and technology, companies are increasingly shifting towards cloud services. Employees are more dependent on technology to perform even smallest of tasks like keeping the record of consumers to essential services like taking payments. In such a case, even a minute server downtime can halt these operations can affect the productivity of the workforce.

It is evident from a study conducted in the U.S in the year 2013 where it was found that on an average, a business suffers around $7,900 every minute due to downtime. As a typical server outage reaches over 55 minutes, it is clearly a significant loss of business and profit by organizations. But even though corporations are aware of the gravity of consequences brought by a server downtime, not all companies choose to make provision for it. As per a survey, it was estimated that around 90% of businesses had faced episodes of sever server outage or a cyber attack in the past two years. For the rest 10%, chances are they might meet the effect of downtime in the future.



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A Guide To Creating Your First Influencer Marketing Strategy.

Influencers’ marketing is one of the newest and probably the most significant things in digital marketing these days. The success of ROI in influencers marketing is so high that brands are turning towards influencers. No doubt, if done right, influencers marketing can take your business to a new height. But how to leverage the potentials of influencers’ marketing? How to plan the strategy? Who would an ideal pick for the job? You will find all the answers here.

Set your Goals:
As with any other marketing campaign, setting the goals is the most crucial step while formulating a strategy for influencer marketing. It is imperative to assertion the objective you want to achieve from the whole campaign. While communicating with the influencer, figure out what do you want your influencer to accomplish. Do you wish to promote a brand? Create heightened brand awareness? Increase sales or retain existing customer?

Digital Marketing Specialist suggests giving a clear perception of the marketing strategy to set goals.

Give the job to the right influencer:
Once you have set your goals, what comes next is choosing the right influencer for the job. You would need to have someone who can help you accomplish the objectives you have jotted down the campaign.

The first criteria to choose your influencer should be the demographic appeal they have. Do they cater to the demography that your brand provides to, or it is the one you want to penetrate? Secondly, look into their social media channels. Check the content they create, evaluate if it caters to the preference of your brand or your audience. Before making your pick, carry out a thorough check on the influencer. In addition to checking their posts and content, go through their followers. Check what kind of following do they have.

Set the stage
Once you have narrowed it down to that one influencer you want on board, it is time to pitch them. More often, it is hard to reach out to your influencer over emails. To ensure your email doesn’t go unread, make them familiar with your brand name.

Plan Effective Publishing Schedule
As per reports, 20 to 50% of purchases made by consumers are based on peer recommendations and suggestion. Not to say, understating the influential power of social media is cost brands businesses. After narrowing down to the influencer or influencers, you need to figure out the best strategy to leverage their network. Focus on creating a dynamic content that is relevant to the potential consumers.

Give Influencers Creative Freedom
The reason behind the success of influencer marketing is the authentic, and genuine content that the influencers create. But with more and more brands opting the tactic of influencer marketing, influencers are finding it a challenge to create original and different content. Here, brands should give them the creative freedom to retain their style.

Review & Optimize Influencer Content
Although influencers should have the creative freedom to create original and natural content, the brands should still monitor it to ensure it is in line with the brand voice and is of high-value. Brands should also ascertain that their influencers are updating the content regularly.

Focus on Organic Posts and Content
Marketers at Digital Marketing agency in Virginia Beach understand that since people are immune to branded ads, they tend to ignore it. Here, native advertising proves more effective than branded marketing. Influencers can help you create an effective native advertisement. Instead of pushing a brand or product on to their audience, influencers should integrate the brand’s products into their everyday setting. Too much product placement can negate the success of your campaign.

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Will Modern Digital Marketing Technology Take Over The Market?

Ask yourself this;
“Will a digital marketing agency near me be taking over with a new marketing model?” If you answered yes, then you surely got it right.Growth and progress in markets have been evolving exponentially at a rapid pace and has allowed digital marketers to take control of managing customer experience.

According to a recent market study, top digital marketing companies have been seeing no less than a 40% growth year after year during the last couple of years.

The phenomenal growth of mobile marketing:
Mobile devices have become a frontrunner in digital marketing as it has easily overgrown the popularity of any other digital devices. Due to its portability, the smartphone has consequently become the basic choice for all.Evolving technologies continue to develop more user-friendly and convenient features, smartphones are predicted to rule the digital marketing industry. A lot of digital marketing strategies are already making the maximum opportunities that can be achieved with mobile marketing.

Extending to greater lengths of coverage:
Digital marketing tools and resources used properly in any digital marketing campaign can let you grow your audience exponentially. Today, consumers have taken digital marketing to a whole new level, because they are more actively involved in helping promote your products by sharing content and experiences through multiple channels- one of which is social media.While traditional marketing focuses on quantity through mass media distribution channels, it has started to become irrelevant in the market as consumers have shifted to the digital space such as social media and websites.Unconsciously, but in a more innocent yet beneficial tactic, consumers don’t have to bear costs in sharing content or experiences with peers or with the community. It ensures a broader coverage for your market and reaches out to multiple networks.

Responsive and evidence-based advertising:
Advertising has always been about the ability to communicate with an unknown audience and marketing is all about handling channels within a marketer’s sphere of control.The rise of digital marketing technologies, advertising, and marketing are combining into a cohesive force that ensures better communication any market audience.
Data analytics and business intelligence have paved the way for smart solutions in formulating digital marketing strategies. Customer and business intelligence is all about gauging the future of the market and measuring up to it is the best course to take. Digital marketers are more pressed to know and understand what’s relevant to their customers and leverage analytics to establish engagement touch points.With everything that has been going on in the marketing industry and rapidly-evolving digital technologies, digital marketing will become the new marketing model that will address solutions for market competitiveness.

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